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Naked Pineapple Getaways House Rules

Rules & Regulations

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We do not rent to anyone under the age of 30.  All of our renters must be 30+ years of age.


We reserve the right to do a background check on anyone that rents from Naked Pineapple Getaways for any reason.  We also reserve the right to refuse lodging to anyone for any reason.  Our nudist community, with many of our residents and guests being 55 and older, can be very vulnerable.  We take the safety of our neighbors and guests very seriously.  If you can not pass a background check, we suggest that you do not rent from us.


No BBQs or cooking on the porches.  Please use the "fun pads," which are the social areas near most buildings.  If you must BBQ, please ask Doug and Traci where the fun pads are.


No visible business traffic or activities are allowed.


Kindly respect the privacy of our residents and guests.  Taking pictures and recording video without permission of the subject(s) is strictly prohibited. 


Check in is at 4:00 Pm and check out 11:00 AM.  Need more time?  Just ask.  If we can make it happen, we will. 


Please report any damages, equipment malfunctions, or missing items within 12 hours of your arrival so we may address them.  Any broken furniture, equipment, or missing items reported after that will be your responsibility.


All garbage must be contained in securely tied trash bags. No household furniture, construction debris, or appliances are to be placed in or near the dumpsters.


Paradise Lakes maintains a ZERO-TOLERANCE drug policy. If you are seen using drugs in our condos or on the grounds, you will be reported to the authorities and escorted off the property by law enforcement.  No refunds will be given.


Once you check in, your Gate Access Card will be located either on the dining room table or on the key holder by the door.  You'll need this to re-enter Paradise Lakes Resort.  Be sure to use Gate A.  Please return the gate access card to the unit before you check out.  If it's not in the unit when you check out, we will charge a $100 fee to replace it. 


Unit owner shall be liable to the Association for damage to any common elements caused by the unit owner(s), tenant(s) or guest(s). Guests that cause property damage will be held liable and punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Your door lock is programmed to lock after 30 seconds. This means the deadbolt will be "out" after 30 seconds. To avoid having to replace the lock incurring a $100 charge, please do not allow the door to slam. If you have to open the door for longer than 30 seconds, please safely prop the door open.  If you open any doors, sliding glass doors, or windows, please turn the A/C off and close them back up if you leave the condo. DO NOT LEAVE THEM OPEN.  While Paradise Lakes is relatively safe and secure, we can not account for the guests and residents staying there.


Please show respect to other residents and guests.  Do not touch anyone without asking their permission.


Please behave in a manner to not disturb the other residents and visitors.  This includes pets. Quiet hours are Monday-Saturday, from 11 PM TO 8 AM and Sunday from 10PM to 8AM.


PARADISE LAKES IS A NUDIST RESORT. Owners, renters, and occupants are requested to practice social nudism and shall behave in a manner consistent with the principles of social nudism, including respecting the rights of privacy of other residents and guests.  What happens here, stays here.  Taking pictures and recording videos of any kind is strictly prohibited.


Our max overnight occupancy for our condos is limited to 2 people per bed.  All units are designed for 2 guests, with the exception of H-13 and R-2 which can accommodate up to 4 guests.  There is a $10 charge per guest /per day over 2 guests.


Parking is free and available on a first come, first serve basis.  Please place the Parking Pass on the front windshield dash while parked on property.  Do not back into parking spaces unless signage indicates it is okay to do so.  If your vehicle has advertising on it, please remove or cover it when parked at Paradise Lakes.


We do not allow parties in our units.  If you are caught throwing a party and disturbing our neighbors, you will be asked to leave without a refund, and you will lose your entire security deposit.


We do not allow pets in our units.  Anyone who brings a pet will be assessed a cleaning fee of $250.


We do not allow prostitution in our units.  If you are caught participating on either side of the transaction, you will be asked to leave without a refund.



a. We Welcome Title II and Title III Service Animals.

b. All Service Animals must be on a 6-foot leash when not in your unit.

c. Service Animal owners are required to clean up after their aides.

d. Service Animal owners are encouraged to use designated dog walk areas (see map). The dog walk areas are currently located near the wooded area at the end of “P” bldg., and on the North side of the wall

entrance to Phase 3 (Paradise Village).

e. Service Animals that cause a nuisance are not permitted and you will be asked to leave.

f. The following breeds are not permitted:

1. Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers

2. Doberman Pinschers                                   

3. Rottweilers

4. German Shepherds

5. Chows

6. Presa Canarios

7. Akitas

8. Wolf-hybrids

9. Mastiffs                                      

10. Caucasian Mountain Dogs

11. Beaucerons

12. Boxers

13. American Bulldog


Sidewalks are for pedestrian use only. No motorcycles, bicycles, or golf carts allowed on sidewalks.

Golf Carts are permitted on the Island Condo sidewalks. (Bldgs. T, U, V).


ALL UNITS are non-smoking AND non-vaping, both inside the unit and just outside the units on the porches.  There are designated smoking areas within a short walk nearby your unit; please ask where they are upon your arrival. Evidence of smoking or vaping inside the unit or outside on the porch will result in a $250 cleaning charge.


It's 10 MPH.  Kindly obey all STOP SIGNS.  Do not pass golf carts.


We make every effort to provide you with the highest quality sheets and furnishings, so kindly DO NOT sit or lay on any furniture if you have suntan lotion, oil, or bronzer on.  SHOWER FIRST!  If we have to replace the sheets or have the furniture cleaned due to stains from sunscreen or bronzer, you will incur a $100+ charge.


Please don’t take any of our bath towels to the pool area. We have provided you with beach towels for your use. We are not affiliated with Paradise Lakes Resort, so if you leave the towels anywhere outside our units, we will not get them back.   To avoid incurring a $25 fee per towel, all towels must be returned to the unit.


Being a good nudist means using a tushy towel.  If you choose to go “commado” (nude), please use the “tushy towels” provided to cover the areas you are sitting on. 


Most of our units have a washer / dryer in the condo.  (Gettin' Freaky does NOT).  Do not “overstuff” the units as they aren’t designed to handle large loads.  Should you need to do larger loads of laundry, there is a coin laundry facility just outside the entrance to Paradise Lakes Resort by the RV Park.


No weapons of any kind are permitted in common areas.


All of our units have Wi-Fi and a Roku TV.  We do not offer cable, because it's horribly expensive, and you're staying at a NUDIST COMMUNITY.  Nothing on TV can be as interesting as what's happening here.


DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE.  The potential danger of rabies in this county is real. Animals survive quite nicely without our help. Alligators and Sandhill Cranes are protected under Florida State law. Anyone feeding or molesting these animals in any way is subject to a minimum $500 penalty and possible imprisonment, as set forth by the State of Florida, Pasco County, and The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.


1) Please return the Gate Access Card and Parking Pass to the dining area table.

2) Place all towels from the kitchen and bath into the tub.

3) If you have any food items, please place them in a garbage bag and take it to the dumpster.

4) Turn the AC to 76 and make sure all lights, tvs, radios, etc  are off.

5) Double check that the door locks behind you.

Thank you for staying with us at Paradise Lakes and especially with Naked Pineapple Getaways! 

Asking about our “Repeat Offender”  Return Guest Discount!

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