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Crazy Fun Clothing Optional Condo Rentals at Paradise Lakes

If you are a single or a couple in “The Lifestyle” looking for a sexy adventure and appreciate a quality place to stay…you’ve just found your next vacation spot!

Our condos are located at Paradise Lakes Resorts, one of the oldest nudist communities in the state of Florida.  

Doug has 25+ years working for Disney in food and beverage, and brings the organization to keep things running smoothly for our guests.  He has done much of the work on our condos, and can fix just about everything.  He is also a realtor

Traci brings 18+ years stand up comedy and a vivid imagination.  Traci comes up with the little entertaining touches in our condos.  Whatever is in our condos are the things she wished she had when she was on the road doing comedy…like really nice, soft towels, high quality bed sheets, and toilet paper that doesn’t hurt after one wipe! 

Unlike most of the other property management companies at Paradise Lakes, we own our units!   We don’t live in our units part time, and then rent them out when we’re not there.  Our units are dedicated and maintained solely for couples and singles who appreciate a quality stay.  We also live on site, and usually respond within minutes should you need anything.

Thank you for checking out Naked Pineapple Getaways!  We look forward to meeting you!

Welcome to Naked Pineapple Getaways! 

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 2.13.42 PM.jpg

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights is the grooviest condo at Paradise Lakes Nudist Community. It's all about the orange, brown, and macrame...peace, man! While this condo feels like 1978, we've gone ahead and added some comforts from 2022, like a Keurig coffee maker, a sleep number bed, and a completely renovated shower and kitchen. Become one with nature and take in the views from your 2nd floor patio overlooking the woods. Enjoy a walk on the grounds naked, because freedom is what the 1970s was all about, man!

H-13  8-18-22 Bedroom 4.JPG

Our Little Nest

Our Little Nest takes you back to the shores of old New England, with it's beachy themed decor and and tranquil setting. Decorated in soft blues and grays, you'll find here a great place to get cozy after spending the day at Lake Como or Paradise Lakes Resort. Enjoy a screen in private patio overlooking a wooded area, adequately furnished kitchen, plush bath towels, and soft bed linens make this the perfect romantic getaway. This 1st floor unit is a 5 minute walk to Paradise Lakes Resort, with ample, open parking close by.

J-2 8-16-22 Bedroom 1.JPG

Gettin' Freaky in the Tiki

Gettin' Freaky in the Tiki is a fun, retro themed call back to the days of the 1960's roadside motels in Florida. Adorned tiki heads and flowered leis throughout the condo, you'll have a rough time leaving this faux tropical island paradise!

Go Ask Alice.jpeg

Go Ask Alice

Eat me! Drink me! We're all mad here! "Go Ask Alice" is a tribute to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Clocks, watches, keys, cupcakes, and dresses...even a looking glass...Go Ask Alice will leave you curiouser and curiouser.

funny star wars.jpeg

May The Farce Be With You R-2

This is what happens when Traci's mother told her she wasn't allowed to decorate her room in Star Wars!  When unit R-2 became available, Traci realized she could create a whole Star Wars experience with a sexy, comedic twist!  Enjoy Burlesque Storm Troopers, sexy Princess Lay-a, and many other sexy, parody creations based on one of the most loved films of all time.

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