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About Doug & Traci


Doug and Traci bought their condo at Paradise Lakes in October of 2020.  It was supposed to be a vacation condo...but they just ended up loving Paradise Lakes so much that they decided to make the move and go "all in."

Traci brings to Naked Pineapple Getaways 25+ years of being an entrepreneur in multiple capacities, including promotional products, stand up comedy, real estate investing, and hypnosis. 

Doug brings 25+ years of real estate management experience in addition to 32+ years in food and beverage management, 25 of those years with Disney. 

Naked Pineapple Getaways is the culmination of what we do best, in the place we love most!  We have renovated each of our condos in most cases from top to bottom.  We gave each one a fun and memorable theme, added what we feel were delightful touches of whimsy, and hope that you leave Paradise Lakes with a smile on your face for another reason than because you saw naked people! 

Anything worth doing, is worth OVER doing.



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